My Dad Vs Yours After Winter Must Come Spring

These Ottawa residents having been flying low on the post-rock radar for some time now, but hopefully this will change with this meticulously crafted album. Indeed, "crafted” is the key word as the laser-like precision by which these songs work their magic is to be commended, yet it might have the effect of feeling sanitised. Take the incredible "In My Arms We Shall Begin,” which is underwhelming at the start with its repeating guitar chords and steady drum beat, yet slowly the band unhinge until the end explodes with the requisite emotion. An addition to this full-length is electronic elements, which never dominate but only burble below the surface to provide another source of tension, which is best heard on the almost danceable "The Harder We Work…” It is important to note, though, that the deliberate nature of this music should not detract. All it means is that these people care highly about both the music and the emotions being conveyed. They don’t want to mess about and experiment, since they have a job to do. It is actually that dedication that shines through and makes this album a lovely soundtrack to both the blooming flowers and the re-emergence of people to a snow-less world. (Independent)