My Cat is an Alien Il Suono Venuto Dallo Spazo

This release falls into the psychedelic path cut by everyone from early Pink Floyd and "The Pot Head Pixies”–era Gong to the tribal noise/rock/psych folk epics of Akron/Family and Acid Mothers Temple. Epic (two tracks at 35 and 15 minutes apiece), rambling washes of synth and electronics punctuated by drums, voices, percussion and "cosmic/space” guitar. While the temptation is to pass this off as otherworldly noodling, Maurizio and Roberto Opalio are successful at telling a long, involved story with a minimum of dead spots. The music touches base with all the aforementioned influences, which gives one interesting context, yet stays true to its own character in surprising ways. (Les Disques Victo)