My Best Fiend Announce Debut Album 'In Ghostlike Fading'

My Best Fiend Announce Debut Album 'In Ghostlike Fading'
Late last November, we learned that Brooklyn-based rock troupe My Best Fiend had signed with esteemed eclectic imprint Warp  (Grizzly Bear, Battles, Babe Rainbow) to release not only their upcoming "Higher Palms" seven-inch, but an impending full-length debut. While details were hazy at the time, the group have now unveiled the details on their first album, titled In Ghostlike Fading.

Warp will release the nine-song affair February 21 in North America and a day earlier overseas. Not much else is known about the recording, but the label previously described the outfit's tunes as inhabiting a "spacious, dreamlike world all its own."

On top of the previously-noted number "Higher Palms," you're now able to check out the hypnotic, canyon-country-by-way-of-stadium-rock guitar and piano jam "Cracking Eggs" in a video clip you'll find down below.

In Ghostlike Fading

: 1. "Higher Palms"

2. "Jesus Christ"

3. "ODVIP"

4. "One Velvet Day"

5. "In Ghostlike Fading"

6. "Cracking Eggs"

7. "Cool Doves"

8. "I'm Not Going Anywhere"

9. "On The Shores of The Infinite"