Mux Mool

Implied Lines

BY Ashley HampsonPublished May 31, 2017

After a few releases with Ghostly International, followed by a handful of EPs and singles, Mux Mool released the full-length Implied Lines independently in 2016. Fast track a year, and Implied Lines is getting a fresh scrub with new production, a proper release and two new tracks added to the mix.
Mux Mool's approach is that of stuttering beats, simple video game sensibilities and a surprising amount of unexpected, gritty undercurrent. "Six AM" weaves a thick, round bass line around chiming synths that plummet spectacularly, while "Never Go Home" goes from keys and a sweep of hi-hats to full-on low-end, blown out and tweaked synths. The 8-bit and heavy layering, though, really start to push through near the end of the album, plumping the sound beautifully and allowing it all to really come into its own.
New track "Starfighter Courage" has an insatiable 8-bit loop that barely deviates in its four-minute entirety, like your favourite old-school video game on pause. It's a '90s revival with a killer update.
(Young Heavy Souls)

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