Mutoid Man "1000 Mile Stare"

Mutoid Man '1000 Mile Stare'
Though metal supergroup Mutoid Man are pretty well set to tear us apart with the upcoming release of their Bleeder LP, the band aren't against the idea of wrecking us ahead of the record's June 30 street date via Sargent House. As such, they've unveiled a blindingly fast and oppressive number called "1000 Mile Stare."

The song starts off with a particularly proggy explosion of Ringling Bros. riffing, fretboard-traversing licks, math metal drumming and vocalist Stephen Brodsky's melange of melodious and shrieked vocals. It all goes into warp speed overdrive mid-song, with frenetic, double-time thrash beats propelling Mutoid Man into dangerous territory.

You can space out to Mutoid Man's "1000 Mile Stare" below, courtesy of Loudwire.