MUTEK Digitalis 2: Sculpture

MUTEK Digitalis 2: Sculpture

For the second instalment of MUTEK's Digitalis: The Contemporary Artist Series, we're profiling innovative duo Sculpture. Combining sounds and visuals, Reuben Sutherland and Dan Hayhurst simultaneously entertain with zoetropic discs that provide colourful imagery, as well as unique music played on "all sorts of old junk."

The combination of analogue sound and almost kaleidoscopic visuals often come together while the duo are on stage, and they note the importance of the process being visible to audiences, allowing viewers to see how everything works.

Watch the video above to hear Sutherland and Hayhurst discuss the process of creativity and performance, as well as why they prefer to stay away from the term "nostalgia."

Bringing together visual and aural art, Sculpture are bringing something unique to the table. But most importantly, as Hayhurst states, "It's meant to rock."

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