Mute Angst Envy South 11th Street

Formed in 1987, MAE played together for eight years before calling it quits. Having moved on to pursue other projects, group members still found themselves working together in other musical endeavours. Having reunited earlier this year, the trio have produced a goth-rock album that is a richly dark release. The band’s retro influences are obvious here (Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division) though not so apparent that MAE come across as a cover band — assuming of course that you ignore their cover of the Cure’s "The Figurehead.” Actually, if you are looking for soft, dark music South 11th Street will serve you well. Don’t let their metal-influenced material from 1993 (which unfortunately opens and closes the disc) fool you. This album has some great new tracks to offer. MAE’s simplistic take on a genre that has become ridiculously complex is a welcome change. (Kitchen Whore)