Vancouver's Music Waste Unveils Lineup for 25th Edition

Apollo Ghosts, Necking, Woolworm, Devours and more will play

BY Josiah HughesPublished May 15, 2019

Vancouver's DIY music and art festival Music Waste has been going strong for 25 years, and it's celebrating its quarter-century milestone with another edition next month.

Music Waste 25 will take place from June 6 to 9 throughout various venues in Vancouver. Although Music Waste has maintained a staunch DIY stance for its entire existence, this year's fest has an "'80s business" theme where, according to a press release, the fest "embraces an alternate reality in which we say 'fuck it' and start worrying about the bottom line."

The lineup will include over 70 musical projects, as well as a variety of art and comedy shows.

Here's the full list of bands set to perform in 2019:

Akita, Anchoress, anybodys, Apollo Ghosts, Apples, Babe Corner, Be Afraid, Biawanna, Booty EP, Bored Décor, Brutal Poodle, Cave Girl, Club Sofa, Co-op, Courser, Daniel Geddes, debt, Devours, Dimir Standard, Donny Don't, Elf Pity, Emma Lee Toyoda, Energy Slime, Fly Ball, Freak Dream, Future Star, Garbage Dreams, girlsnails, Holzkopf, Hope, Jerk Jails, Kamikaze Nurse, Kellarissa, Kitty Prozac, Kylie V, Laverne, LeMaster, lucid, Luvgoon, Mamarudegyal, Maneater, MASKARA, megamall, Monsoon Moon, Mr. Merlot, Mujahedeen, Necking, Neptune's Daydream, Nice Apple, OKGB, ossa, Pale Red, Pleasure Blimps, Primp, Priya Sandhu, pudding, R23X, redress, Ridley Bishop, shitlord fuckerman, Shrouded Amps, sigh, Sightlines, Smithy Ramone, Stefan maier, Strap, Sunrise Social, Sylvia Wrath, Teenage Wedding, Tessy, the Hardly Boys, the Trolls, Tonk, Total Ed, Wild Friar, Woolworm, WUT, Yawn, Yep and yoon.

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