Museum Pieces Philadelphia

Quietly coming from the East, the Museum Pieces seem to have many charms that tend to make other musicians envious. From the strength of the songs here, this band tend to have a way with a melody that most people work so very hard at to acquire. Essentially, when you start off an album with a song like "It Keeps Me Up,” there’s something special at work. Lead singer Tyler Messick’s voice is able, but it’s the little cracks and warbles that make in engaging. With every chorus, the song sucks you in with the same charisma that makes everyone swoon to Sufjan Stevens. Another incredible statement comes along with "Avalon Sank,” where Jill Barber helps out, providing vocal heft and a lovely counterpoint. This amazing statement builds slowly and unassumingly, but when Jill and Tyler are building up their voices in the chorus to layered acoustic guitars, the effect is sheer beauty. While Philadelphia is recommended alone on the strength of these two songs, there are other notable country-tinged songs that make Museum Pieces a definite band to look for, but none that come close to the aforementioned jewels of the collection. (Magnetic Angel)