Muse H.A.A.R.P.:Live at Wembley Stadium

It’s no surprise that a live CD/DVD compilation, which follows two sold-out performances at the newly renovated Wembley Stadium, would become an overwhelming musical masterpiece. H.A.A.R.P.: Live at Wembley Stadium marks Muse’s third live album to date and it’s their best. For those not familiar with the unmistakable croon of Matthew Bellamy and the powerful, uniform sound created by this group of just three, only one description comes to mind: super-heroic. Bellamy surpasses the talent of many artists, constantly jumping from vocals to piano to guitar, all the while remaining personable and entertaining. The DVD portion is aesthetically pleasing (aside from Bellamy’s hideous red suit) and provides viewers with several extra tracks. The DVD tracks missing from the CD would have been great additions, especially in the case of "Plug in Baby” and "Apocalypse Please,’ which could have easily replaced the slower, less interesting tracks ("Micro Cuts” and "Invincible”). Bassist Christopher Wolstenholme makes the opening riff to "Hysteria” seem too easy. In fact, the entire band’s performance seems effortlessly flawless. The light show and fancy camera tricks are nothing compared to the energy and talent seeping from a band that are following in the steps of Radiohead. (Warner)