Mus aida bliss out v.17

A two-track lullaby chill out ambient recording that seems more like one long track split into two for convenient navigation. Part one, titled "Aquel Inviernu," which clocks in at about 20 minutes, is a simple melodic synth piece with gentle feminine vocals singing in an indeterminate language that fades in and out of the recording's periphery like a ghost. Part one is dissonant at first and has a bit of acoustic guitar strumming and metronomic ticking, but towards the end the music becomes more melodic and comprehensible. Part two, entitled "A Cielu Abiertu," has more pronounced vocals in Spanish, which are gently articulated by Monica Vacas. The track opens up with piano notes followed by acoustic guitar and trombone, creating a build-up that sounds like Stereolab on Valium. Aida ends in a dreamscape accompanied by the sound of falling rain. A bit subdued, Aida is for those who really want to chill out. (Darla)