Mummies Death By Unga Bunga!!

OK garage punk heads, take a deep breath and relax. It’s going to be OK. Yes, the Mummies vowed to never put out a CD, and their "Fuck CDs” slogan became synonymous with their name, and yet here it is, a frickin’ Mummies CD! Purists can breath a sigh of relief though, because this disc is totally scrappy looking and sounds pretty much as raw as the vinyl releases it was culled from ten years ago, so I don’t think we can say they’ve sold out quite yet. A 22-song sampling of tracks from many of their original releases, Death by Unga Bunga!! is quite simply the bomb. Faves like "Test Drive,” "One By One,” "Food Sickles and Girls" and super hit "(You Must Fight to Live On) the Planet of the Apes" are all present and accounted for here, making for a great listen. These guys, along with the Gories and Thee Headcoats launched the wave of garage punk that eventually led to the White Stripes/Hives scene of today and single-handedly made turtleneck-loving psych garage contemporaries like the Fuzztones look like total idiots. Get this and get with it. (Estrus)