Multiplex Angles

Multiplex is Canada and UK-based duo Christian and Roland Dormon, brothers who produce music on separate sides of the Atlantic, creating and then swapping music files for the other to finish. This creates a unique dynamic for making music, as both Christian and Roland elaborate. "Multiplex recordings are far from the standard studio format, as we build up the tracks on two sets of music equipment, in two countries, with two biased opinions of what the final result should be. But instead of fighting for control of the studio and the mix, we surrender control of our ideas to each other, which has worked well so far. This sort of music is about creating new things, like synthesised sounds using software, new ways to compose and new ways to build the mix." The result is some highly detailed IDM breaks and atmospheric excursions that sound like what would happen if R2-D2 defected from the rebel alliance to embark on a solo music career. Tracks like "Unknown Control" and "Clang Klang" reveal the elaborate robotic programming dynamics of Multiplex, whereas "Angles" and "Environments" reveal the pair's warmer, user friendly, ambient and ethereal side. "Quite a lot of people that have heard our music have said our music is 'soulfully electronic,' which is quite surprising, seeing as it's made from machines. It's just a box of numbers, isn't it?" (Senton)