Muggs Dust

The solo album from Cypress Hill producer Muggs may be upsetting for those expecting an instrumental hip-hop epic in the vein of DJ Shadow or RJD2. On his self-described "conceptual rock album,” Muggs opts for singing instead of rapping but maintains his love of sinister, smoked-out grooves. Vocalists Amy Trujillo and Josh Todd add soulful touches to the hazy, Pink Floyd-inspired soundscapes. "Faded” is a blissful return to Strawberry Fields, and the enigmatic "Cloudy Days” mixes folk and dub with amazing fluidity. Meanwhile, Everlast’s gravelly contribution to "Gone For Good” is bland and altogether unnecessary. Although not everything on Dust works, Muggs’ keen sense of experimentation keeps things afloat between the disc’s brighter moments. (Anti)