Mudhoney Return with 'Vanishing Point'

Mudhoney Return with 'Vanishing Point'
Back in November, grunge pioneers Mudhoney spilled the beans that they were already in the mixing stage of their next LP, but kept other details close to their Loser-shirt-clad chests until longtime label Sub Pop was ready to promote the set. It appears as if both parties are now onboard, as it's been revealed that the new platter is called Vanishing Point, and it drops April 2.

The group's ninth studio LP was recorded at Seattle's Avast! Recording Co. between April and September, and follows 2008's The Lucky Ones. While a tracklist has yet to arrive, an interview with Spin had singer/guitarist Mark Arm detailing a few of the upcoming cuts.

Arm praised the hook that apparently imbues new tune "What to Do With the Neutral," stating: "There's something about the riff and clavinet part in that one. It's been in my head, too. Getting to sleep can be really annoying." Another song expected to pop up on the LP is titled "Douchebags on Parade."

Arm apparently suffered a bit of writers block for the lyrics this time around, with the musician noting that the death of Sub Pop exec Andy Kotowicz in 2010 hit him hard.

"I was in a deep funk for a long time and I couldn't clear it. The older I get, the pickier and more conscious I become about what I'm singing," he said. "We definitely wear our influences on our sleeves, but hopefully, we're finding an original way to say something, even if it's been said so many times before. It's not always possible, but that's what I beat myself up over the most."

Mudhoney are planning on touring Europe in late May/early June, with select U.S. dates being booked as the group's work schedules allow, but the shows have yet to be confirmed.