Much Will Now Only Air One Hour of Music Videos a Day

The channel once known as MuchMusic blames a "significant erosion" in viewer interest
Much Will Now Only Air One Hour of Music Videos a Day
Despite once being known as MuchMusic, Canadian cable channel Much is now only airing a single hour of music videos a day.

The move comes as Much cut back its weekday block of videos by six hours, the Canadian Press reports. As Bell spokesman Scott Henderson explained, Much will now broadcast only a single hour of retro music videos from the '80s, '90s and aughts during the so-called "teen-popular" lunchtime window.

According to Henderson, the decision is due to what he calls a "significant erosion" of TV audiences interested in music videos.

Despite MuchMusic launching in 1984 as Canada's answer to MTV, the Bell-owned channel now called Much has slowly but surely moved away from the music video, now focusing its broadcast hours on reality TV, movies and even South Park.

Of course, the pivot came as music videos exploded in popularity on the Internet with YouTube and Vevo, so you might want to just stay online if you're actually still wanting to watch music video — at least outside your lunch hour.