Mr. Scruff Get On Down / Hold On with Andrea Triana

Mr. Scruff's solid connections of jazzy riffs with clean vocals and beats prevail. Remember 1999's "Get A Move On"? The sheer elegance of his music maintains its earthy style while selling out major gigs. And his merry personification of fruit and veggies makes you want to draw little faces on everything. Enter Ninja Tuna, the LP from whence the tunes "Get On Down" and "Hold On" be swimming — the radio edits and album versions appear here, plus a cool B-side remix. These smart tunes bear an oceanic, beach-party vibe that's great to get funky with. "Get On Down" carries an upbeat, chugging dance floor sound, while Andrea Triana's soul-charged vocals (on the laidback "Hold On") will wrap you in a tight hug. The deep dub remix alone ("Hold The Dub") is worth the cost of this single, if you like sincere music with groove. (Ninja Tune)