Mr. Oizo Teams Up with Half of Justice for Soundtrack

Mr. Oizo Teams Up with Half of Justice for Soundtrack
French producer Mr. Oizo is a man of many hats, from his own explosive electro tracks to his second life as a buxom blonde woman. But the man born Quentin Dupieux is also a filmmaker. At Cannes earlier this year, Dupieux premiered his second film, a horror comedy called Rubber.

On its own the film is an exciting prospect, but the real news here is the soundtrack. The movie includes all new music created by Oizo with the aid of Justice's Gaspard Auge. According to a press release, the soundtrack plays well as an album on its own, boasting John Carpenter-esque baroque synthesizers.

If we learned anything from Daft Punk in 2010, it's that a high-profile film soundtrack does not mean a new album. In other words, this is not the triumphant return of Justice we've been waiting for since 2007's †. However, like Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack, this could be a riveting, rewarding listen.

Ed Banger will release the Rubber soundtrack on February 13. A teaser is available below.


1. "Symph08"

2. "Rubber"

3. "Crows and Guts"

4. "Tricycle Express"

5. "Everything Is Fake"

6. "Room 16"

7. "Bellyball Road"

8. "No Reason"

9. "Sheila"

10. "Racket"

11. "Le Caoutchouc"

12. "Polocaust"

13. "Dump"

14. "Sunsetire"