Mr. Bungle's Self-Titled Debut Gets Vinyl Reissue

Mr. Bungle's Self-Titled Debut Gets Vinyl Reissue
Mike Patton has been critical of the recent vinyl reissue campaign of Mr. Bungle's back catalogue, but Music on Vinyl will press on with the series later this fall by delivering a double-LP edition of the band's 1989 self-titled debut.

Following recent re-releases of Disco Volante and California, Mr. Bungle will be served up across two slabs of 12-inch vinyl. It had originally been delivered as a single disc through London Records in 1991 and later in 2009 through Plain. A press release for the new package explains that the compressed nature of the early vinyl versions "had a rather dull dynamic sound as a result."

Now stretching across three sides of vinyl, the set also features an exclusive etching on the D side. The first 2,000 copies are being pressed onto purple transparent vinyl.

Mr. Bungle came in the wake of a few cassette-only releases, with the major label debut having been produced by experimental jazz legend John Zorn. The record featured reworked versions of tracks like "Egg," "The Girls of Porn" and "Squeeze Me Macaroni," as well as newer songs like "My Ass Is on Fire." A press release makes note of frontman Patton's "bizarrely humourous" lyrics and the group's eclectic sound, which mixed in elements of funk, death metal, avant garde and more.

While the full studio output of Mr. Bungle has now been repressed by Music on Vinyl, Patton posted on his Facebook page that fans can expect "authorized vinyl reissues" in 2015.

Mr. Bungle:

Side A:

1. Quote Unquote
2. Slowly Growing Deaf
3. Squeeze Me Macaroni
4. Carousel

Side B:

5. Egg
6. Stubb (A Dub)
7. My Ass is On Fire

Side C:

8. The Girls of Porn
9. Love is a Fist
10. Dead Goon

Side D: