Mount Sims Ultra Sex

Combing electro music, performance art, fashion, dance and sex, Mount Sims is an excellent poster boy for the recent electro-clash scene. At the forefront of Mount Sims is Milwaukee native Matt Sims, complemented in performances by Lisa and Erin, two "erotic modern dancers." Mr. Sims has led an interesting life, one that has included touring the world in various bands, modelling, composing music for art and fashion shows, and even getting arrested for attempting to have sex with a speaker. So with appearances well under control, what about the music? Ultra Sex is a rather atypical blend of simplistic early '80s electro programming with absurd lyrical subject matter delivered deadpan by Sims. Some of the dark and intense tracks, like "Black Sunglasses" or "If I Can't Have You," work really well, combining the old-school electronics with modern techno layers. In the end though, style will triumph over substance, as it is apparent that this music is better appreciated in a live setting, as its the delivery on disc is just a bit flat. (Emperor Norton)