Mount Florida Storm

Adventurous to say the least, this four-track EP offers one heck of a roller coaster ride. Glasgow DJ/producers Twitch and MP Lancaster have teamed up to demonstrate their diversity and wave the flag for the zesty, grin-bearing free-thinkers of the world. Their reworking of Arthur Russell's "A Little Lost" is "Another Thought," a super-inviting electronic soundscape that gently leads one in. With its dubby tech sounds playing a perfect backdrop to the rich, hypnotising voice of Scottish jazz diva Madeline MacDonald, this one reminds of a more experimental Everything But the Girl. "Celebrate Life" is a joyous meeting of bass, drum, fiddle and electronic wigglings. All hell breaks out from here though, as the totally raucous fuck-up that is "Flame On" clashes, clangs and squeals with guitar-heavy glee. "Roc the Bukowski" provides the logical follow-up. Sampling the Stooges' "Metallic KO," this is a weirdo breakbeat piece that never quite gels, but I think that's the point. Watch for the further adventures of Mount Florida as they release a full-length later this year. (Matador)