Mount Eerie Gives Himself an Auto-Tune Makeover on 'Pre-Human Ideas' LP

Mount Eerie Gives Himself an Auto-Tune Makeover on 'Pre-Human Ideas' LP
Though it's been a year since Mount Eerie released Clear Moon and Ocean Roar, his non-album year has already resulted in a reissue campaign, unearthed soundtrack and live album. The pile's about to get bigger and arguably better with another fascinating new release.

Phil Elverum's next project is an album that sees him offering up re-recorded versions of songs from last year's two albums. The twist? He's redone the music electronically, and added thick layers of Auto-Tune to all of the vocal tracks.

The album's called Pre-Human Ideas, and as the new version of "Lone Bell" demonstrates below, it's almost like a Phil Elverum take on Neil Young's Trans.

According to a press release, Elverum isn't just reworking the old songs. Some of them also have "newly written lyrics, almost like new songs layered over the old ones, expanding and clarifying the ideas."

Pre-Human Ideas will be available on November 12 via his own P.W. Elverum & Sun record company.

Pre-Human Ideas:

1. Organs (from Pale Lights)
2. No Inside, No Out
3. I Say "No"
4. The Hidden Stone
5. The Place Lives
6. The Place I Live
7. Lone Bell
8. House Shape
9. Clear Moon
10. Yawning Sky
11. Ocean Roar
12. Organs (from The Place Lives)