Motorcitysoul Did You Expect That?

The indomitable Matthias Vogt, aka DJ Matt asks "did you expect that?" on this, his debut house album, and the answer is: no way man! This is an outstanding recording of down-tempo house, UK garage and jazzy soul. Did You Expect That? will quench the thirst of its listeners on a multiplicity of levels. First off, if your thing is down-tempo soul with sultry vocals, it's covered on "The Dream," if you like a little deep house, "It's On" will fill that void, and if you long to hear quality UK garage then "Take a Look Around" is waiting for you. Did You Expect That? is just pure unadulterated fun; sure the lyrics are at times thin and the beats perhaps a tad simplistic, it still manages to remain an alluringly pleasurable listening experience. With this being Vogt's premiere full-length album, if he continues, we're sure to have the privilege of many more releases, although next time around, we'll already be expecting all that he asks on this album. (INFRACom!)