Mortification to Re-Record Classic '90s Work

Mortification to Re-Record Classic '90s Work
All of you bible-banging head thumpers - or is that bible-thumping head bangers - should get ready to bellow hallelujah as loud as your guttural grind voice will let you. Australian Christian extreme Christian metal outfit Mortification is about to re-record a selection of their classic '90s work, according to bassist/vocalist/founder Steve Rowe.

As many know, Mortification has been churning out the Jesus metal since 1990, releasing over 20 albums and are pretty much superstars in their specific - albeit freakin' massive - sub-genre.

Says Rowe about the move, "I have had a large number of requests for Mortification to re-record a bunch of '90s classics. Thus early next year will see the release of Mortification Twenty Years in the Underground. This coming release will feature five re-recorded MORT classics: Nocturnal, Grind Planetarium, Impulsation, Hammer of God and The Majestic Infiltration of Order."

Rowe also notes that the endeavour won't begin until August, yet assures that the five aforementioned classics will be issued alongside "15 rare live tracks from standout shows in the MORT history." Rowe says these include: "The very first show (June 1990), Lincoln [Bowen, guitar] and Keith's [Bannister, drums] first show (1995), including a rippingly intense rendition of Scrolls Of The Megilloth; Live Street Mission work as we performed on the streets of Christchurch City Square New Zealand (1996); Revolution Metal Fest Mexico City (2004) with Spanish Interpretation; and Nordic Fest Norway (2007)!"

All of this comes on the heels of latest recently completed effort The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine, which is currently available through the band's own Rowe Productions.

The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine tracklisting:

1. "The Evil Addiction Destroying Machine"
2. "A Sense Of Eternity"
3. "Elasticised Outrage"
4. "Pushing The Envelope Of The Red Sonrise"
5. "I'm Not Confused"
6. "The Master Of Reinvention"
7. "Pilots Hanging From Shoulder Dust"
8. "One Man With Courage Makes A Majority"
9. "Alexander The Metalworker"
10. "Resurrection Band (A Tribute To Rez)"