Morrissey Sparks Outrage by Comparing Norway Massacre to McDonald's and KFC

Morrissey Sparks Outrage by Comparing Norway Massacre to McDonald's and KFC
Iconic English mopester and outspoken animal rights activist Morrissey outraged a number of fans after making disparaging comments about last week's shootings and bombings in Norway.

Just before launching into the anti-meat industry anthem "Meat Is Murder" at a concert in Warsaw, Poland on Sunday (July 24), the former Smiths singer waxed to the crowd, "We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, with 97 dead. Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Shit every day."

You can see footage of the performance below, though his tirade has been removed from the video.

While the controversial crooner is welcome to his opinion, many took offence to comparing the tragedy in Norway to the plight of poultry industry. The Mirror points to angered fans weighing in on fansites, with one posting, "The killing of children compared to KFC & McDonald's?!!! What an asshole!"

Another writes, "I really don't know if that is forgivable? Or of any use to the vegetarian cause?"

If you were hoping to hear more from Morrissey on the issue, better luck next time. A spokesperson for the singer wrote, "Morrissey has decided not to comment any further as he believes his statement speaks for itself."

As brutal as the comments are, they aren't exactly surprising. In recent memory, Morrissey imposed a ban on performing in Canada due to the seal hunt, campaigned against bearskin hats and labelled the people of China as a "subspecies" for their lack of animal cruelty laws. As consistent as he has been in his beliefs, the timing of his comments have furthered marred the rep of the boy with the thorn in his side.

Thanks toThe Daily Swarm for the tip.