Morrissey: "I Don't Know a Single Person Who Wants a Smiths Reunion!"

Morrissey: 'I Don't Know a Single Person Who Wants a Smiths Reunion!'
This time a year ago, constantly quotable indie pop complainer Morrissey was having a rough time, and he cancelled shows due to health issues. Things are now looking up for him, and he's shed some light on his upcoming solo album, in addition to further debunking the possibility of a Smiths reunion.

When asked by Billboard about if if there were any bands he would like to see reunite, Moz said that such get-togethers are never as a good as the original thing.

"I don't know a single person who wants a Smiths reunion!" he said. "But, no, there aren't any bands I like to see again because your memory of them is how they were in their prime or at their best or at their most desperate, and you look to them to be someone that they no longer are."

The sardonic star discussed his prior health problems, saying, "I was in hospitals so frequently that the doctors were sick to death of me, and there's nothing more aging than lying in a hospital bed, trying to recover from hospital food. If your illness doesn't kill you then the hospital food sees you off."

These days he's doing better, and is "expected to see Easter."

Morrissey also reiterated his hardline stance against eating meat, claimed that the Beatles have "four magnificent songs" and admitted his surprise at how well his book has sold.

And here's the best part for Moz fans: during the interview, he was in France to record a new album, which has come together following a long-awaited record deal.

"The good and the bad must be documented," he said regarding the new songs. "Life is a serious business, so why pretend it isn't?"

As always, stay tuned for more updates and button-pushing comments from the always opinionated singer.