More Dogs Never Let Them Catch You Crying

This is definitely for those who like to think of pop music in very different terms than most. While mainstream music easily looks to the wonderfully vapid starlets for their pop, some people enjoy their pop music in the great combinations it can make when applied in a new and original fashion. Think more pop art than pop music. More Dogs take a very hodgepodge and deceivingly simple approach to their songs, and some surprising moments occur. Those who were addicted to PC games like The 7th Guest may find some familiarities in "Duty. Duty? Duty.,” as the keyboards gleefully mix the sinister and playful. In fact, much of the album is very playful and everything from the bracing whistle that shows up now and again, to the percussive pops that are plentiful in "March to Scaffold,” Never Let Them Catch You Crying revels in the spontaneity of popular music in a more improvised fashion. Although, beware of closer "This Is One” as it breaks out the dissonant noise and backtracks on some of the great ideas established earlier. For those who love their pop very twisted, or don’t find the Fiery Furnaces inventive enough, More Dogs may just be the answer. (Monitor)