Moonstarr Dupont

Kevin Moon released a little teaser of his sound with an EP version of Dupont last year on vinyl. It was quickly circulated around the DJ network, most likely on the strength of the fantastic thumping grooves of "Dust." This audible gem leads off the wider release of Moonstarr's full-length and should have clubs shaking the dance floor around the globe. "Dust" is the crown jewel of this record and because it starts things off on such a high note, the rest of the album doesn't quite catch up. After throwing crashing drums lined with slick piano loops, Moonstarr brings the levels down to a more calm state with jazzy instrumentals and hip-hop breaks. But just because these cuts don't have the same intensity as "Dust" possesses doesn't mean that they're not pleasurable. "Next Move" is a fantastic hip-hop track with Voice taking MC duties, flowing her lyrical seduction over Moonstarr's polished production. "Working Man's Hustle" is also followed up immediately with a reworking of the same track by Nu-Era, an extra tacked onto this reissue of Dupont, and it's a strong indication that Moonstarr has tapped the system when one of his musical heroes remixes his track. Complete with the Dupont subway station on the cover, his own record label mimicking Toronto's Transit Commission and various references to the city in which he lives, some might wonder if Moonstarr will only create a buzz locally in Toronto. But having already made a slight buzz in other countries, it looks as if Kevin Moon could be one of the city's opportunities to blow up spots worldwide. (Public Transit)