Mooney Suzuki Alive & Amplified

The Mooney Suzuki’s decision to enlist the services of superstar producers the Matrix raised many eyebrows within musical circles when it was announced months ago. Now, the confirmation has come that the combination of a garage band and Avril Lavigne’s production team isn’t the wisest musical pairing. Over the last few years, the Mooney Suzuki has established a deservedly good reputation for being a riveting live band, but Alive & Amplified sharply draws into question the group’s song writing prowess. Tunes such as "Naked Lady” and "Loose ’n’ Juicy,” suffer from completely asinine lyrics and the crystal clear production gives listeners nowhere to hide. On the majority of songs, the music isn’t anywhere near as explosive as the group’s typically incendiary sound. Compared to the band’s previous work, Alive & Amplified is a disappointment. (Columbia)