Monomyth "Patsy" (video)

Monomyth 'Patsy' (video)
Haligonian psych-pop quartet Monomyth, are issuing their debut LP Saturnalia Regalia! next month through Mint Records, but the band are still looking for a little extra cash on the side. A new video for the album's "Patsy" finds them hitting the wedding circuit, and apparently it's not only their music that's a smash.

Directed by Dog Day's Seth Smith, the video kicks off with a clumsy and uncomfortable toast from a father to his daughter. After the sweat-stained psycho stammers through his blessing of the union, we find Monomyth setting forth into their subtly screwy slow dance number for the benefit of the happy couple. Apparently the groom is a bit of a cut up, but maybe not the most coordinated dancer on the floor.

Saturnalia Regalia! hits stores July 22.

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