Mono & World's End Girlfriend Palmless Prayer/Mass Murder Refrain

Just around six months after their pinnacle of post-rock release, You Are There, Japan’s Mono have teamed up with fellow country-mate, and modern electronic composer, Katsuhiko Maeda, aka World’s End Girlfriend, for an equalling astounding album. But, this is of a different beast than You Are There as things are of more classical bent, with the attention of swaying strings and the pulse of cellos than volume or power. Per the standard post-rock formula, this is a very long album, so parts do drag, but when it’s good, it’s fucking great. The loudest track, "Part Three,” is on par with earlier Mono efforts while the closer, "Part Five,” just might be the best thing they’ve ever pulled off. The most subtle of crescendos ties the ringing guitars and yearning strings in perfect harmony, making this the best GY!BE song never written. That crack shouldn’t diminish the talent and dedication found on this effort because this is no throwaway collaboration, but one of the best mixes of classical and post-rock to come in many years. For those who yearn for the weeping strings and wavering guitar vibrato of GY!BE, look no further. And for those about to post-rock, the bar has been raised considerably. (Temporary Residence)