Money Mark Brand New By Tomorrow

Beastie Boys collaborator and musician in his own right, Money Mark returns after a five-year absence, and the outcome is not what anyone expected. Apparently when not slinging records with the Beasties, Money Mark has a soft, squishy heart of pure pop. The results, while competent, tend to drip with treacle more often than naught, but for those who can’t get enough of a sweet melody this may delight. Opener "Color Of Your Blues” takes a slower route but still makes sure that Money Mark’s love of harmony isn’t lost. "Pick Up the Pieces” raises the tempo but its "funky” feel stinks of karaoke that doesn’t convince one to get their dancing shoes on. Indeed, throughout Tomorrow the artifice of the music overpowers any connection that Money Mark wants to make. But maybe he doesn’t want to make a connection and instead wants to revel in the change that can come from the perfect three-minute pop song. The title implies that this music will sound fresh and nice at a future date but Money Mark’s somewhat stale melodies are beyond tinkering with to be anywhere near brand new by tomorrow. (Brushfire Records)