Mondo Dropping 'Army of Darkness' OST Vinyl at MondoCon

Mondo Dropping 'Army of Darkness' OST Vinyl at MondoCon
Deadites, Necronomicon readers and film score fans all have something to look forward to at Austin's MondoCon this year, with movie music house Mondo having confirmed that the event will celebrate the score to Army of Darkness with a limited edition vinyl release.

A blog post from the imprint confirms that they're making Joseph LoDuca and Danny Elfman's score to the '90s horror-comedy a big part of the 2015's MondoCon, which runs October 3 and 4. They'll be delivering pressings of the soundtrack on "Baby Blue & Black Vortex Swirl"-coloured vinyl, as well as on traditional black wax.

The score was mostly handled by LoDuca, though the "March Of The Dead Theme" was composed by Elfman (Batman, Beetlejuice). It was performed by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra & Chorus. We'll have to wait until the vinyl arrives, but hopefully the new vinyl edition has mastered the tracks to make them about as loud as film protagonist Ash's beloved boom stick.

The artwork, meanwhile, had previously been used for an exclsuive Mondo poster in 2014. You can see the re-purposed piece, which was prepped by artist Richey Beckett, up above.

Mondo's Army of Darkness score will be sold at the convention, but it's as-yet unclear if they'll be available through their site at a later time.

Army of Darkness was the third chapter to Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series, and featured a more fantastical narrative than the series gory roots, as well as more slapstick humour.

Interestingly, the soundtrack release for the old film comes off the heels of the recent announcement that Ash (a.k.a. Bruce Campbell) is back for an upcoming television series titled Ash vs. Evil Dead.

If there's one word to describe all of this Ash-activity, it's "groovy."