Moles On the Street / Rare & Weird

A decade ago, beloved pop craftsmen the Moles broke up shortly after lighting the indie underground afire with their magically delicious pop tunes. Heightened by a sense of experimentation, the Moles’ artistic style was an undeniably flavourful force, amalgamating righteous melodies with diverse arrangements courtesy of their singer and songwriter, Richard Davies. On the Street is a retrospective of the Moles finest moments from their previously released material (one proper album, two EPs and a handful of singles). Re-released and repackaged by Wishing Tree Records, this much-deserved homage to the great Aussie art-rock combo is long overdue. Mostly containing tracks from Untune the Sky, the wise selection of emotive cuts such as "What’s the New Mary Jane” and "Bury Me Happy” with more challenging ones such as "Let’s Hook Up and Get Some,” showcases the wide range of influences Davies drew from. What makes this release even more mouth-watering, however, is the inclusion of a bonus second disc, entitled Rare & Weird. Filled with unreleased material from the band’s original line-up, it plays nicely as an album, avoiding the usual inclusion of repeated songs and grainy, inaudible demos. All of this precedes Davies’ forthcoming solo album on Wishing Tree expected by the end of the year. (Wishing Tree)