The Mole Returns with 'Caregiver'

The Mole Returns with 'Caregiver'
Despite issuing some singles, it's been four years since Canadian-bred, Berlin-based beatbringer the Mole (aka Colin de la Plante) delivered his debut LP As High as the Sky. The electronic artist is about to return to the full-length game, however, having just announced a new LP titled Caregiver. The record is set to drop June 24 via the Mole's own Maybe Tomorrow Records .

According to a press release, the house-hailing Mole recorded the 10-song Caregiver at the now-defunct Berlin Wagon Repair studio A(rkona), described as "a psychedelic caravan roaming a disco laced cosmos that seeks to go beyond any specific niche or sound."

You can sample first single "Our Time Has Come," a funky, extended exploration of ghostly noises, spacious vocal samples and steady shaker rhythms, down below.

"Caregiver is supposed to be listenable all the way through," de la Plante said in a statement. "So hopefully that unifying thread has something pleasing within it."


1. Another Intro
2. A Daily Affair
3. Hey Miss
4. Jamais Que Toi
5. Slow Blame
6. Our Time Has Come
7. Interlude To Love
8. Carry On (We Must)
9. (When) Monkey Punches Dog
10. Come On Darlene