Mohawk Lodge Get Set for 'Damaged Goods'

Mohawk Lodge Get Set for 'Damaged Goods'
Ryder Havdale generally likes to shake things up every couple of years for his Mohawk Lodge project. From skipping out on his Vancouver-based bandmates when he relocated to Toronto a few years back, to announcing some upcoming show with a trimmed-up three-piece band, to recording songs on his own, the songwriter can get by in practically any situation. Despite being seemingly indestructible, the outfit are about to unleash a new album called Damaged Goods.

As a press release confirms, Havdale has been working on a follow-up to last year's Crimes. He began conceptualizing the album sometime last December when the band were on tour in Europe. When Havdale returned, he secluded himself in a remote B.C. cabin with a 16-track recorder to start writing songs "about lost love and life on the road." From there, Havdale returned to Hogtown to collaborate in the studio with Mohawk Lodge members past and present, piecing together Damaged Goods.

The statement goes on to say that on top of performing two gigs on the West Coast, Havdale will be putting the finishing touches on the disc with his BC-based band buddies.

"Havdale's mission is to involve and integrate every one he knows into his music," the release states. "In doing so, he's gone on some cataclysmic journeys, sometimes to the world outside, and sometimes inward towards himself. These are the stories of one man's disjointed route on the planet earth, and when transformed into music, become one cathartic voyage."

While a release date has yet to be set, Damaged Goods will come out on Havdale's White Whale Records. In the meantime, check out the new video for Crimes track "Faster Than You Can" down below.

Tour dates:

8/27 Victoria, BC - Rock of the Woods Festival

9/1 Vancouver, BC - Electric Owl