The Mohawk Lodge "Hard Love" (video)

The Mohawk Lodge 'Hard Love' (video)
Last December, the guys from the Mohawk Lodge spent a wild night in Peer, Belgium, with local trucker nicknamed "Ber the Devil." That night has now been documented with a music video for "Hard Love."

This brawny, tuneful rock cut comes from the 2012 album Damaged Goods. It stars Ber the Devil, who gets his name from his fondness for a high-alcohol content beer called Duvel, which translates as "Devil."

A press release explains, "While not all the guys of Mohawk Lodge could keep up with Ber, Ryder stayed up all night going Duvel for Duvel with him. They laughed, danced and partied the night away like old friends. As Ryder recalls: 'Peter passed out first that night and Ber would slap him once an hour and wake him up to say 'The Devil is with you.' I vowed not to fall asleep that night!' As morning broke Ryder hopped in Ber's rig and got a ride to the station before Ber lit out on the next leg of his route."

Damaged Goods is out through White Whale Records. See the Mohawk Lodge's tour schedule here.