The Mohawk Lodge "Days When You Die" (video)

The Mohawk Lodge 'Days When You Die' (video)
Led by songwriter and vocalist Ryder Havdale, the Mohawk Lodge have released a new video for "Days When You Die," marking the fourth vid from their 2010 full-length Crimes.

The video is set in Toronto's Bloor-Ossington neighbourhood, which until recently was home to Havdale and his White Whale Records. A press release reads: "Havdale is formally ending the era that followed the Crimes album by not only uprooting his home and label to a new Toronto location, but also offering this video as a kind of eulogy to the place and time that has fed the fires of new tunes."

Watch the video for "Days When You Die" below and say goodbye to Crimes before turning your attention to Havdale's next focus, Damaged Goods.