Mogwai to Uncover Abandoned Album for Deluxe Reissue of 'Come on Die Young'

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 21, 2014

Mogwai released their album Rave Tapes earlier this year, but the post-rocking Scotsmen have already lined up another batch of releases for later in 2014, among them a scrapped album from the late '90s.

Speaking with Clash, guitarist Stuart Braithwaite revealed that Mogwai will be revisiting their much-loved sophomore album, 1999's Come on Die Young, for its 15th anniversary, giving the record the deluxe treatment as an expanded reissue. In fact, it will include an entire previously unreleased album from the era that was abandoned at the time.

"We've just sorted out the 15-year anniversary edition of Come on Die Young," Braithwaite said. "It'll have 90 minutes of extras. We'd recorded a whole record before we went to America, at the time, and then scrapped it. So we've remixed those songs. We're happy with it. It's out in the summer, I think."

So far, there is no release date for the reissue, and it's unclear if it will arrive through the band's current label home of Sub Pop, the band's own Rock Action imprint or Matador, which originally issued the album in North America.

Along with the Come on Die Young reissue, Braithwaite said Mogwai have recorded an EP's worth of new material at the same time as Rave Tapes, and it will be out in the fall.

Lastly, he added that the band are continuing on with their soundtrack work, saying, "I know we're doing the soundtrack to the second series of The Returned."

This is the English name for Les Revenants, a French supernatural mystery that Mogwai scored during its original run in 2012.

Mogwai released their prior score for Les Revenants in 2013. It remains to be seen whether their next soundtrack will also receive a stand-along release.

Stay tuned for more details regarding all of these upcoming projects.

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