Mode Moderne "She, Untamed" (video)

Mode Moderne 'She, Untamed' (video)
Vancouver's Mode Moderne will release their album Occult Delight on January 21 through Light Organ Records, and the shadowy post-punk group have now shared a video for the collection's first single, "She, Untamed."

The song is a jangling goth-pop tune that's consistent with the band's vintage-flavoured sound, while the chorus delves into a noisy, synth-driven dance-punk direction. The video emphasizes the spooky, '80s-esque mood with VHS-quality glitchiness, ghoulish face paint and a Joy Division-style Vox Phantom Special VI guitar.

Singer Philip Intilé said in a statement, "The cat who made our record, Joshua Stevenson, picked up an original analogue video synth at a garage sale and we had to use it. It's great, we love it. It was Daniel Rincon's (the director) idea to use face paint and for me to use a headset microphone. Sean wore a dress. We ate snacks."