Moby to Reflect on Early Career with Memoir

Photo: Eleanor Stills

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 10, 2014

Remember that time electronic star Moby bought breakfast for the drugged-up trespasser in his living room? How about that time he almost killed Tina Fey's baby? Soon, we'll hear even more stories from him thanks to a new book deal for his forthcoming memoir.

The book has apparently been picked up by Penguin Press/Faber Social. It will span a decade during the early stages of Moby's career, starting in the late '80s and leading up to the recording of his signature album, 1999's Play. It will examine living in New York's East Village during epidemics of crack and AIDS, and it will document the rise of EDM.

According to a description [via Bedford + Bowery/The Daily Swarm], it's written from Moby's "unique vantage point as a white vegan in a predominantly black and Hispanic art form."

There's no indication as to when the memoir will come out.

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