Moby Got More Vegan Tattoos Just in Case You Forgot He's Vegan

BY Josiah HughesPublished Nov 12, 2019

Is Moby vegan? Perhaps you may have forgotten since he got the phrase "VEGAN FOR LIFE" tattooed on his neck two months ago. As such, he's gotten some even more audacious ink.

As Moby showed off on his Instagram, the electronic pop survivor has got some big, brash letters on his arms that read "ANIMAL RIGHTS." (Although, if he wears a big enough sweat band on his right arm it will say "ANAL.")

The ink was once again completed by celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D. In its accompanying caption, Moby wrote, "As November is my 32 year vegan anniversary i thought i'd get a tattoo (well, technically 12 tattoos) to celebrate."

Check out his full post below, and don't forget — Moby is vegan.

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