Mixin' Marc and Richie Santana Massive Underground

This mixed compilation of club hits will be a popular one indeed. You're certain to hear it booming out of the oversexed stereos on your town's cruising strip. This mix pits the DJs Mixin' Marc and Richie Santana, of Chicago and New York respectively, against each other with each mixing a 35-minute set of club anthems. Some are instantly recognizable, most are instantly forgettable and have much more to do with Massive than with Underground. Highlights include Delerium's "Silence (Sanctuary Mix)" remixed by Chris Fortier, Chocolate Puma's "I Wanna Be You," Bedrock's "Heaven Scent (Original Mix)" and Joey Beltram vs. Technasia "The Start It Up." The remainder, while providing a thumping beat, offer nothing very interesting. The good tracks will certainly be found on better compilations. (Strictly Hype)