Miss Quincy & the Showdown "Bad Love" (video)

Miss Quincy & the Showdown 'Bad Love' (video)
The last time we saw a video from Miss Quincy and the Showdown, the Vancouver songwriter and her band were playing for a school dance full of Socs and Greasers. Her latest clip, on the other hand, is a whole lot more Greaser than Soc.

In the clip for the raw, rocking "Bad Love" from this year's Roadside Recovery, we see the leather jacket-wearing Quincy and her band performing under a slightly sketchy-looking bridge. They are joined by a futuristic female cyborg, who wanders off to a local bar, where she drinks a whole lot of booze, makes out with a couple of fellow partiers, and eventually returns to the mothership a little worse for wear.

Watch it play out below.