Misery Index

'The Killing Gods' (album stream)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 13, 2014

Misery Index are once-again offering up some sonic intensity at the altar of metal, showcasing the tracks as the new The Killing Gods LP. The record doesn't hit North American stores until May 27, but an official, full-length stream of the record has popped up a couple of weeks early and can be heard now.

Though starting off hypnotic and strummy with the twin-guitar melodies of "Urfaust," the band get back into the blasting business on high-speed "The Calling," offering trilled-out thrash riffs and rapid-fire snare hits. Despite monk-styled chants, the title track keeps up the frightening, relentless pace, and keep things just as dark on "Gallows Humor" and the buzzing "Colony Collapse."

Offer up your ears to the group and give the album a stream down below. The record arrives via Season of Mist.

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