Misconduct …United As One

After countless line-up changes, the Swedish punks in Misconduct are back again with another record full of fist-in-the-air anthems and driving melodic hardcore. Having parted ways with their old label, Bad Taste, the band decided to go it alone on this release, putting out the album on their own imprint, Side By Side Records. Backed by Union 2112 here in Canada, the band’s Agnostic Front-style hardcore seems even more fully developed on this release than any of their earlier ones. The production, while quite clean, works well with the band’s fast, proficient style. Filled with positive lyrics and an overall sense of optimism, United As One is a strong release from a band that seemed poised to call it quits only a few years ago. The sounds contained on this disc prove that it’s a good thing they didn’t. (Union)