Mirror Music The Strange Things I'll Remember

Back in 1998, a very cool urban action film was released with lots of car chases, a jail breakout and a love story between a bank robber and a U.S. Marshall. One of the coolest things about Out of Sight was the soundtrack of original music produced by a DJ from Northern Ireland, David Holmes. In a similar way, Mirror Music's The Strange Things I'll Remember sounds like it was produced for the cinema — you can actually hear the plot building. Mirror Music consist of Dave Donaldson and Graeme Reedie. Reedie is one part of Glaswegian Soma Records' house music project Silicone Soul, while Dave (a long-time friend of Silicone Soul) has co-scored music for over ten Hollywood films, including Ray, for which he received a Grammy. The Strange Things I'll Remember is a well-crafted journey through varied instrumentations of house, disco funk, dub and guitar rock that's even danceable. (Soma)