Minus the Bear


BY Jessica LewisPublished May 31, 2010

As soon as Omni starts playing, your ears will perk up and you'll be pleased. The feeling lasts until the last couple songs ― highlights include the beautiful "Summer Angel" and "Excuses" ― but the final two songs don't feel as enthused, ending the album on an unsatisfied note. And if you're only half-listening to the album, there's a chance you'll bore and favour something else, so be careful. The guitars have always been the band's strong point. The sound, paired with quick drumming and Jake Snider's voice, is loud and quiet at the same time, finding a balance that's their own. However, the keyboards and drum machines sound a little tacky, at points, especially on "Animal Backwards." The songs are touching, calling out to lovers, and usually romantic ("The Thief" stands apart as a little different, however). It's a pretty good record, but it doesn't stand out that much from the rest of the Seattle band's work.

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