Minks By the Hedges

The renaissance of both goth and indie pop has produced a number of buzz-worthy, and even some potential classic, records over the last couple of years. No artist has exemplified the consolidation of these two sounds as well as Boston duo Shaun Kilfoyle and Amalie Bruun. Releasing a seven-inch on Captured Tracks that was shrouded in mystery, they've crept out of the shadows for debut By the Hedge, one of the better albums to emerge from their flourishing label. Minks convey their sadness via titles like "Funeral Song" and "Cemetery Rain," and nostalgic lyrics about days gone by. But the majority of the album is a mixed bag of minor chords coalescing with effects pedals, washed out boy-girl harmonies and winding song structures. It's certainly a recipe that could drag were it not for their combined interests, which find them shoegazing on "Kusmi" and "Boys Run Wild," chasing spiky post-punk rhythms on "Funeral Song" and noodling away on instrumental "Indian Ocean." On By the Hedge, Minks provide an album's worth of evocative rainy day music that goes deeper with each listen. (Captured Tracks)