Mink Mink

It’s classic cock rock and sometimes one can’t deny the pulsating gyrations of such music. Perhaps that’s a little forward but that’s the whole point of that genre. Think Billy Idol screeching about the midnight hour with some lady friend wanting more. Think of the New York Dolls with all that glamour and sex. This band are like the new wave version of the two except they have a more refined garage rock sensibility. Mink are a band comprised of five men who came together in spring 2006 but have quickly created a roster of 60 songs and recorded this album — their first — in four weeks. Perhaps then it has been their quick rise in popularity that inspired them to write excited songs and wear excited clothing. Regardless, it’s kind of hard not to dance to cock rock and pretend that you’re sad about some girl leaving and wanting to kiss her lips. Maybe during the next party night such events will happen to all of us. (Spitfire)